This is The Pace Chronicle: A ‘New Morning’ for The Paw Print

Message: The following is an editorial in regards to the decision to overhaul the campus newspaper at Pace University’s Pleasantville and Briarcliff Manor’s campuses

Following several months of careful deliberation, the editorial staff of Pace Pleasantville’s student-run campus newspaper committed to an overhaul of its name, philosophy, and mission.

The Pace Chronicle Logo

The first Pace Chronicle Logo

Since Oct. 2010, the Senators of the Student Association were asked to advise their respective organizations about a potential name change for The Paw Print and were given opportunities to create the future name of it.

Some students believed it should remain the same while others felt the change was necessary yet unsure what to name it.

Many who have contributed to The Paw Print believed the title sounded “unprofessional,” “childish,” or was not taken seriously, especially since many high school newspapers share the same name.

Reporters have voiced how putting The Paw Print onto their resume would diminish the value of their credentials. Others stated they would in fact omit their entire experience with the campus newspaper altogether. It was evident that a professional name was necessary to be attributed with the university.

The new Pace Chronicle staff has discussed ways to better the campus newspaper in efforts not only to benefit the reporters for their media careers but also to cater to the readers from content, layout, to promotional events.

The decision to revamp the campus newspaper heightened after a group of Pace students attended the Associated College Press’s (ACP) National College Journalism Convention in Los Angeles last March organized by The Paw Print. In the presence of other universities from across the U.S. and Canada, and observing what those campus newspapers have compared to The Paw Print, it was clear that this campus newspaper needed to a fresh start.

The first task was renaming the newspaper. After considering potential names from the Pace community and a couple rounds of voting by the editorial staff, The Pace Chronicle became the successor to The Paw Print. The name bears a traditional approach to many reputable newspapers while showcasing the name of our university. The second objective was ensuring that an advisor with experience in the field of journalism leads the writers. The third goal was to improve the layout of newspaper. Next was to report on more national news stories and localize them to the Pace campus. Finally, despite being known as a “student-run” newspaper, The Pace Chronicle encourages additional contribution and ideas from faculty, staff, and even administration.

The editorial staff understands there may be future opposition to the decisions made and invite any questions or suggestions at any time.

When The Paw Print succeeded New Morning in 2005 after a 30-year history, there was also uncertainty about the newspaper transformation, but like our predecessors, The Pace Chronicle staff is prepared for it.

Incidentally, this decision is in no way meant to offend prior members under the six years of The Paw Print.

The Pace Chronicle name not only presents new opportunities for ideas and writers but to sponsor events aimed—but not limited—to journalism students such as future ACP Journalism and Media Conventions across the U.S., trips to several news organizations in New York from print to broadcast, guest speakers, promotional shirts, and more with the mission to showcase the Pace community with various benefits and insight that perhaps the Media and Communications Department does not yet offer.

The Pace Chronicle welcomes any member of the campus who’s interested in becoming involved with the newspaper to attend the weekly meetings in The Pace Chronicle office on the third floor of Willcox Hall on Mon. nights at 9 p.m.