Since 1990, SRMUN, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing biannual intercollegiate simulations of the United Nations. During 2012, Michael serves as a staff member for their conferences based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Responsibilities as a staff member include writing and editing an extensive background guide for an assigned committee and assist in providing the rules of procedures during the conference, where hundreds of intercollegiate students participate.

As the Director-General for the SRMUN Charlotte 2017 conference, Michael was tasked to hire more than a dozen staffers and lead them to a year-round writing and procedural process for the hundreds of intercollegiate students attending the ever-growing Charlotte conference. With the collaboration of Deputy Director-General Brittany Cabrera, Michael secured the best retention rate among the hired staffers.

Since November 2017, he is a member of SRMUN’s Board of Directors. In addition to providing insight and assistance for upcoming conferences, Michael has been using his Board role to build the nonprofits digital footprint and media presence, that includes video content and an upcoming promotional video with an anticipated December 2018/January 2019 release.

SRMUN Conferences:

  • SRMUN 2017 – Atlanta: Director: Group of Twenty
  • SRMUN 2017 – Charlotte: Director-General
  • SRMUN 2016 – Charlotte: Deputy Director-General
  • SRMUN 2015 – Charlotte: Director: General Assembly Plenary
  • SRMUN 2014 – Atlanta: Director: United Nations Children’s Fund
  • SRMUN 2014 – Charlotte: Director – League of Arab States
  • SRMUN 2013 – Atlanta: Assistant Director – Group of 77
  • SRMUN 2013 – Charlotte: Assistant Director – United Nations Environment Programme
  • SRMUN 2013 – Charlotte: Research Assistant – Security Council
  • SRMUN 2012 – Atlanta: Assistant Director – Human Rights Council
  • SRMUN 2012 – Atlanta: Research Assistant – Security Council

Background Guides:

Below are the published background guides Michael contributed through the years.

SRMUN 2017 – Atlanta: Group of Twenty

SRMUN 2014 – Atlanta: United Nations Children’s Fund

SRMUN 2014 – Charlotte: League of Arab States – Topic II: The Impact of Terrorism in the League of Arab States (page 13)

SRMUN 2013 – Atlanta: Group of 77 – Committee History and Topic I: Examining the Impact of Terrorism on the Economic Growth of Devleoping Nations (page 2)

Although uncredited, Michael has contributed to two topics for SRMUN’s Security Council committees.

SRMUN 2013 – Charlotte: Topic II: Addressing the Humanitarian Situation in Sudan (page 9)

SRMUN 2012 – Atlanta: Topic VI: Ensuring Access to Water (page 16)